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What exactly is ‘WSN Counselling’?

Before we tell you more, consider this awesome fact:

The human race in the form that we are now has been in existence for around 100,000 years. Throughout the whole of that time, there have been two separate streams of genetic information being passed from one generation to another, through different countries and cultures, through plague and famine, not stopped nor even hindered by barbarian uprisings, religious crusades, or bloody revolutions.

Those two genetic streams continued relentlessly, actually gaining strength, through times of witches and warlocks, peasants and kings, knights and serfs; they survived wars, holocaust, earthquakes that split continents, unimaginable volcanic upheaval, and fantastic inventions, until, in one single split second, they fused together within a single human cell that was to become… YOU!

So you have inherited some pretty powerful strengths for survival and success... and when you can begin to use them in the way they work best for you, you are going to be astonished at the change in so many aspects of your life! Your self-esteem and confidence will improve automatically, and so many things that have been difficult to deal with in the past will be so easy you will genuinely wonder if they ever were a problem in the first place. You can choose to work on your life generally in order to properly enjoy being alive, or you can choose to work on specific issues, such as relationship problems, weight management, or anxiety, for instance.

And even though it might seem impossible right at this moment, you will be able to start making the changes you want far sooner than you might ever have imagined - in fact, most people notice a real difference within two sessions with one of our expert counsellors.

The Ancient Tribes

Our ancient ancestors fell into three different types:

  • The Warriors, who needed to be independent and in control of everything around them
  • The Settlers, who wanted to work together and share the the things around them
  • The Nomads, always restless, always needing something to be ‘going on’ in their life

It’s a fact that every one of us has inherited something of each of those, though there is usually just one of those behaviour patterns that is more dominant than the others... And just as there are only three primary colours that go to make up every one of the millions of colours you see around you every day, so you can think of those traits above as the ‘primary colours’ of personality, a blend and mix of which makes up every person alive today. Here is an outline of how each behaves - you’ll probably recognise people you know!

Looks like: Fairly straight-faced, few body response patterns, steady gaze.
When positive: Practical, tenacious, self-sufficient. Quick thinker. Often personable.
When negative: Suspicious, dictatorial, manipulative. Cannot easily admit mistakes.
Dresses like this: Plain, sometimes austere, sometimes tends towards dark-ish colours.

Looks like: Responsive body and head movements. Frequent smiles. Nice person.
When positive: Caring, cheerful, pleasant, talkative and tolerant. ‘People’ person.
When negative: Depressive or sad, indecisive, underconfident. Prone to mood swings.
Dresses like this: Conservative, ‘sensible’, with a tendency to co-ordinating colours.

Looks like: Often expansive. Can be animated/noisy. Laughs easily. Bit of a show off.
When positive: Fun-loving, lively, enthusiastic, outgoing. Inspiring and optimistic.
When negative: Unreliable, childish, boastful. Prone to exaggerate. Might be outrageous.
Dresses like this: Individualistic, either ‘designer’ or downbeat. May be ‘showy’.

Now, you might well recognise someone you know there... But that will only be the part of them that they show the world - just as you only show the world one aspect of you while knowing there’s a ‘private self’ inside you. And it’s when that private self is unhappy with the ‘public self’ that WSN Counselling can set you free from what, effectively, is a prison.

Many of life’s problems start because of that conflict between the self you feel you are and the self you feel you are supposed to be. It can lead to things like: overeating and other food issues, fear of authority, fear of the opposite sex, depression, low self-confidence, relationship issues of all sorts (making, sustaining or breaking), anxiety, motivation... In fact, there’s not much that it doesn’t touch.

Our Counsellors

Every one of our counsellors has received this specific training and they are all skilled at helping to you to discover and become - permanently - the best you possible. Even when you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong, our counsellors can help, since they are also trained to identify the areas in your personality that are in conflict, if you need them to do that.

During the initial consultation and assessment session (which is always at no charge) you will learn much about how to become the happiest person you can be. There will be no obligation or pressure to book further sessions, and if you decide you want to go ahead, your counsellor will be able to help you devise a treatment plan that is perfect for you, including the number and frequency of sessions.

This can often be an astonishingly brief counselling, too, with huge numbers of people making the changes they want in six or fewer sessions.

So take that first step now - search for a counsellor in your area and book a free initial consultation and assessment session.

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